Buying vinyl from another country? Try these currency converters

We all know that getting the best songs on vinyl that nobody has is really expensive. It’s even more expensive when buying these from another country due to the import duty and the shipping costs. Well hopefully this will take some headache out of your day as we’ve got a big list of currency converters for you. Sadly it won’t make buying vinyl any cheaper but it helps you out.

First off we some Euro currency conversion tools for you. GBP to Euro is a free site that instantly lets you convert your Great British Pounds into Euros instantly. Next up we have a Euro to Sterling currency converter if you need to work out the currency again but the other way around. Also, if you’re just interested in the latest Euro rate then checkout this Euro Rate Today website that updates the Euro rate daily. Nearly done and we have another Euro to Pound calculator that is worth a try. If you’re buying from the United States of America then we also have this cheeky Dollar To Pound currency converter too.