Getting a great deal on gym clothing and sports equipment

If you’re used to going to the gym 3 to 5 times a week then you know that the sports equipment you need gets a bit old and needs replacing. This cost that comes around a few times a year, combined with the monthly gym membership, getting to the gym and the occasional ‘health shake’ they sell you soon adds up. It adds up to an expensive activity. And it’s not like eating healthy is cheap, it costs a lot more despite being lower in calories! Ok, rant over. For now!

So what can we do to try and get some of this hard earned cash back from all the people trying to claim your money? They are a number of ways which include…

  • Always shopping around
  • Shop at the right times of year for all your gear
  • Always look for a discount code or promotional offer with each shop.

Now the first two are pretty easy to grasp but few try really hard to make this practice. People get stuck in their ways and would rather save time then money. They stick to the same stores (Sports Direct, JJB) and often just take their price as the lowest price around. Same with not shopping at the best times of year. If you put a little bit of extra effort then it’s quite possible for you to save around 50% to 60% on the yearly costs! Give it a try, shop around and see when the best times of year are to buy the gym stuff.

The third option in the list is to always be on a look out for a juicy sale, deal or discount code that can either save you money on certain products, or a total off your entire shopping basket. It’s easy as we found a Sports Direct deal page that didn’t offer much but we saved on a pair of trainers which we would have bought anyway.

Next time you do decide to buy, see what kind of deals are out there and see what you can buy that works great for the money. I also use these trainers when I DJ! Being on your feet for that long sometimes ain’t as easy as beat juggling!

Buying vinyl from another country? Try these currency converters

We all know that getting the best songs on vinyl that nobody has is really expensive. It’s even more expensive when buying these from another country due to the import duty and the shipping costs. Well hopefully this will take some headache out of your day as we’ve got a big list of currency converters for you. Sadly it won’t make buying vinyl any cheaper but it helps you out.