Wedding Disco Staffordshire

Planning A Wedding

When planning a wedding disco Staffordshire many people will have a DJ as their chosen entertainment, there are many different types of DJs available to hire across the UK. Many DJs will use a variety of music to have people dancing, weddings are no longer about cheesy music it’s 2017. You want your guests to be walking out at the end of your wedding saying I had a great night. You want a DJ to interact with family and friends ensuring everyone is on their feet dancing. Other people preferred the way of entertainment in live bands, however, live bands will usually play one genre of music which may not impress everyone. On the other hand, a DJ can take song requests from people, which leads to them playing a variety in music allowing everyone to have a good time. When choosing a DJ to play at your wedding ask questions you believe would your wedding party may ask. Further to this, a DJ will play most recent hits and special songs that will have a meaning to people.

Choosing a DJ

When choosing a DJ to ensure to remember that he will be DJing for a least four hours this can determine how good or bad a wedding reception, if the DJ you have chosen hasn’t prepared a playlist It could mean him running out of songs. Be sure to choose a DJ with a lot of experience and someone who is very organized. Even when changing a song at a wedding reception can affect the mood of the wedding party so ask the DJ is he has creative suggestions in music. Along with this people will be requesting songs so ensure your DJ knows how to fade songs both in and out. It is also key to ask each professional how they are going to approach each stage of your wedding as you don’t want any problems occurring. Most people hiring a DJ are looking for a showman, creating the right mood within a wedding will set of the festive feel. Each wedding is looking for a certain feel (vibe) when hosting their wedding day so ensure yours is unique to your personality.