Top 10 Rarest Vinyl Records

Are you one of those vinyl record fans who has saved the records for their lifetime out of passion and love for these records? Well, you may turn out to be really lucky. The vinyl records have been long known in the golden era and a few of these have come out to have a lot of value in recent times. There has been a trend seen in past years where people seem to be more interested in old age records rather than the new ones. The top 10 rare records include:

  • Elvis Parsley's, My happiness acetate
  • Long sleeve Reed and little harvest hill, original stack
  • That'll be the day by quarrymen
  • God save the Queen cancelled single by the sex pistols
  • Do I love you? (45 rpm in plain sleeve) by Frank Wilson
  • Caustic window test pressing by Aphex Twin
  • The freewheelin' Bob Dylan (the withdrawn version) by Bob Dylan
  • Music for supermarkets by Jean-Michel Jarre
  • Velvet Underground and Nico acetate with alternate tracks in the plain sleeve
  • The Beatles (white album) No 0000001

The topmost on the list is Elvis Parsley's, my happiness acetate- this record has been worth a fortune and is one of the rarest of the records. While the other records too are not way far behind them. Each of the records mentioned above is rare and very difficult to find. People tend to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these old records just to get them into their collection. Further, these vinyl records can also be auctioned. So, if you are the owner of these records be careful before you discard these as they can yield you something in millions. You can be a millionaire with a single record with you.